Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Product Review: Lusheena Maxi

By Nathalie (Guest Blogger)

Are you a maxi dress lover? You know we are... :P

It's a common and a much misconception that long dresses are supposed to be worn to formal dinners or occasions of such particularly in Malaysia where our weather is screaming hot daily.
When I started wearing maxi casually in Penang almost a year back, I was often quoted for being overdressed. Even my mum thinks I overdid it despite I totally dressed down to sandals and straw bags. Nevertheless I still wore maxi for Chinese New Year, Christmas, wedding dinners, birthdays and the list went on….

Maxi dresses makes a good fashion choice for lazy people like who hates mix and matching attires. All I need is to pull a maxi over and put on some accessories depending on the occasion and Voila! I am all done for a casual Sunday or a formal dinner.

I truly believe there is a maxi for every ocassion!

My humble collection of maxi dresses

However maxis are normally not as versatile in the sense that it is not easily recyclable once its worn and flashed or tagged in Facebook (I believe most of us do not like to be seen in the same piece in all our pics).

What if you could find a versatile maxi where it can be worn in many ways for different occasions? Think the famous convertible dress in a form of maxi.

What if you could wear the same maxi by:

  • Turning it into a toga for that casual sunday stroll at the mall
  • Make it an off shoulder to suit a bohemian romantic date
  • Add some bib necklace and you're all set for a dinner

  • Top it over with a blazer and you're ready for meeting clients especially during the Ramadhan months where attires shouldn't be too revealing
  • Pair it with high waist skirt & a clutch (you need to fold the bottom really well to avoid slipping out) and you're set for an all girl's day out.

What's more not to love about this maxi? It fits up to XL and it's versatie enough for expecting mother due to its princess cut. The Lusheena Maxi comes in a many vibrant colors :

... and beautifully packed too ;)

If you're looking for a highly versatile maxi, hop on to Like Igloo for the return of this popular maxi - they are currently having a promo on this maxi as well :D

Happy Shopping!
Nathalee a.k.a. Guest Blogger for YSK
Edited by YourShoppingKaki :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Slow Boss

Haha so apparently I'm one of those bosses who are more laid-back than her kuli Guest Bloggers, because I'm so late in blogging about this - my Guest Bloggers have been spamming my e-mail asking me when it's gonna be up! :P

Last Sunday - yeah, 3rd July, not even this past Sunday, lol! - I had a nice afternoon spending some QT with some of the Guest Bloggers you see keeping YSK updated while yours truly is being a lazy bum oversleeping or ... shopping. Only joking! :D I've been busy with uni, and it's hard to start the ball rolling again after stopping for so long, but we're lucky these awesome bloggers have been actively blogging in my place. :D

Theme: Florals :D

Some familiar names and faces: Wei Ni, me, Mechell, Cynthia :)

Mechell was camera-shy for some reason that day :O So there are not many pics of her :(


Wei Ni | Cynthia | Sha-Lene (me) :D

I always enjoy getting to know the people whose work I read, so in case you're the same as me, here's a quick recap on who we are:
  • Sha-Lene: I'm Your Shopping Kaki! :D The creator of the YSK enterprise and the one who edits the blog posts of Guest Bloggers. ;) Now adding to the unemployment rate in the country by being a fresh journalism graduate. XD
  • Cynthia: Sales manager by day, and YSK's personal business consultant by night! Lol! She's outrageously funny and scandalously bold. :D
  • Wei Ni: Our modelesque blogger with a penchant for fashion and a comprehensive experience in the online shopping and selling world, she's our go-to person for photoshooting ideas!
  • Mechell: This psychology major is the baby of the bunch, but don't underestimate her high entrepreneurship ideas and love for online shopping! :P
  • Other Guest Bloggers who couldn't make it to the get-together this round: Anna, Nathalee, Michelle. We'll talk more about them when we have pics! :D

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Product Review: The Name Necklace

What's in a name? I love names - the embarrassing nicknames your siblings give you, the snuggly pet names your significant other reserves for only you, the names us girls dream of giving our litter of future offspring ...

And then to have your name worn on you in some special way - whether it's a daring emblazoned tattoo on the back of your neck or on a piece of jewelry. :) I just love that tailored, personalized feel of having my name on me - if you feel the same way, then this product review is one you'll find useful. :D

Remember the infamous "Carrie necklace" that Carrie wears in Sex and the City? :D Notice how the fashion-lovin' celebrities have name necklaces too?

Carrie Bradshaw aka SJP, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Katy Perry!

It's the most personalized form of accessory available, and we're happy to know that we can shop online for name jewelry too! :D I've seen this online for over a year now, available in a handful of blogshops but I never tried it, so when Glam Tags wanted to prove to us that they're worth the price - we thought it'd be cool to give it a go and share this with our readers. :D

Glam Tags: Personalized name accessories!

First, I chose between three colours for my name necklace: yellow-gold plated, sterling silver classic, or rose-gold plated. I chose silver because I figured it would be the easiest colour to match with any outfit. :D


Second, I chose a font. :D Then, I sent in my order and this arrived at my doorstep a couple of weeks later! :D Free Registered Post for every order - but you can upgrade it to Pos Laju by paying an additional RM5. :)

Check out what I received! :D

Light, fine silver that will complement the most delicate and feminine styles
or the edgiest silver-rock trends :D
Flawless design and a name personalized for yourself.

If you're worried what your necklace will look like, Glam Tags can send you the design. :D

Love it! :D

Glam Tags is going to be a sponsor for this particular charity jogathon - Jog for Hope 2011, organized by Taylor's College Sri Hartamas (the blogshop owner's college :D). They're giving out RM5 vouchers in the ALL the goodiebags, as well as setting up a booth to take orders on that day itself! And winners will get RM50/RM100 (1st prize) GLAMTAGS vouchers!


GlamTags is YSK-approved! :D It's now my personal go-to blogshop for customized jewelry, as they not only have name necklaces but also "long-message necklaces" and other engravings available. :) Joy!

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

RAW Fashion Show

Hi guys! So I attended and was part of a RAW Fashion Show in the downtown area this past week. I was there along with Gordana Rasic, the designer of Goca Designs, getting last minute details done. This was the first ever fashion show I was part of, and honestly,  I can't sit here and tell you how amazed and blown away I was by it all. I completely fell in love!

The adrenaline that rushed through my body was irreplaceable. I enjoyed being behind the curtains as everyone in the audience anticipated the next design. I mean, I can't tell you how grateful I was--and still am--to have been part of this show. I truly know that fashion is the right LIFESTYLE for me!

I'm actually planning another fashion show this July 22, so if you happen to be around the area, make sure to attend. It's a very stressful job, but I love it..all of it. So I will post some of the RAW Fashion Show pictures below, and under them will be a link to purchase tickets for my upcoming fashion show. Hope you guys love it.

Gordana, the Founder of Goca Designs. Find her on Facebook!

The links to buy tickets for my upcoming fashion show is thefashionshow.eventbrite.com! Tickets go on sale July 5th, 2011. 

Also, LIKE Goda Designs at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Goca/208583195835440


Friday, July 1, 2011

That Welcome Back Sale

Helloooooo shopping kaki! :D

After about six months off the online shopping circuit, Your Shopping Kaki is happy to say she's back! :) Being an unemployed freshly-graduated shopaholic has its perks ... more free time and lots of goodies in the blogshopsphere to blog about! XD

So there I was, eagerly looking at blogrolls and trying to figure out what the latest trends in the blogshop market are, when I remembered what the best part of shopping is: SALES. Hahahaha!

Let's kick this blog back to life with a post about a sale at The Survival Store! :D And darlings, I'm serious when I tell you that you *have* to click and visit the blogshop to check it out - prices start from RM15 and average at RM20-RM35. This is very affordable! I never usually see these kind of products at these prices. :) So VISIT and GRAB what you want!

These are my 8 favourite items on sale. :D The sale ends on Tuesday (5th July), so don't dilly-dally - if you like something, don't hesitate or the next online shopper steals your bargain!

Trends come and trends go, but the toga is forever. :D
Even if you disagree with me on this, I gotta say that Blake Lively rocking that Chanel toga
dress lit up a fire in Toga Fever all over again for fashion enthusiasts all over the globe. :)

If you've got the legs to show off - how can you go wrong with a bodycon panel skirt? :)
These colours are versatile - easy to match with tank tops or feathery blouses -
definitely a staple basic for the wardrobe. :D

Yes, six months went by and I'm still in love with florals!
These floral blazers still make me go OMG.
Perfect for when you're tired of the ole college cardigan
or need a spiffier casual Friday look for the office. ;)

The Little Black Dress in a Not So Boring design! :D
Feminine pleats and ruffles adorn this piece -
but in a sombre enough colour to suit most ages -
depending on how you accessorize ;)

We love a funky tank top! Lace rocks the back and Picassoian graphix rock the front.
Pair with skinny jeans or denim shorts for lepak session anywhere!

I love the bow-back, I love the polka dots, I love the girly-ness of this simple frock!
With ballet flats or neon-coloured leggings and Doc Marten boots -
you can easily make this super interesting with a little bit of imagination :D

Fact: No outfit is complete without a bag to boot.
Casual slouchy sling bag or preppy quilted chained bag
- or your pick of the crop from dozens of bags on sale -
most of my bags are from this store because I like the designs. :)

Go go check out the sale now at The Survival Store! :D

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)